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thinkplay ePedals are unlike any type of ‘effects pedal’ musicians have used before. Traditional pedals house sounds such as distortion, echo, and flanger. The virtual ePedal houses a mapping of audio samples, video clips, and effects which can be performed with, and shared with musicians of various instruments

We all fell in love with music because it is a form of expression with no rules, boundaries, or limitations. However, we recognize that artistic autonomy is constrained by the limitations of instruments and effects sold. We seek to redefine the capabilities of musical instruments and composition.

The thinkplay vision is to provide a tool where the only limitation is a users imagination.

Our platform will be home to musicians of all styles, backgrounds, and skill levels. The thinkplay community will foster new talent and provide musicians with access to new sounds and methods of playing.

Audio Trigger

The thinkplay software allows you to easily upload audio files from any source. This means you can construct sounds in any professional program (Ableton, Logic, Protools, Garageband), upload mp3s, or record sounds from any device. Drag the file into the thinkplay workshop, crop it to your specifications, and drop it onto any note of your instrument. Trigger your sounds, samples, loops, and beats in real time. Apply effects to your triggers for more creative capabilities.

Video Trigger

Using thinkplay, take your performance to a new dimension. Create your own visual music by triggering video clips from notes on your instrument. Upload video clips from any source, crop them to your specifications, drag and drop them to any note. Display real time video triggering on any TV, projector, or screen with just an HDMI cable.

Design an ePedal

House your creations on customized ePedals. Pick a shape, easily add your own brand, text, photos, and colors. Your ePedals can be performed and shared with guitarists, keyboardists and electronic music artists.


Arrange your ePedal set lists and take your creations to the stage!

Share & Sell

The thinkplay ePedal store is an online marketplace where you can upload and download ePedals. Once uploaded, thinkplay ePedals can be downloaded by musicians of either instrument. As a user, you have the option to post your ePedals for free or for a price of your choosing. As well, users can choose to ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’ their ePedals. If locked, ePedals can be purchased and performed with, but cannot be opened by others in the thinkplay workshop. The pedalsphere also allows you to directly send your unlocked ePedals to friends for collaboration.

Meet the Team

Jesse Orshan


Brendan Garrity


Jeff Buswell


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